Tomorrow's Promise and Other Poems -
Pieces of One Man's Heart

"Remarkable! It sheds light on places in my heart that should not be shadowed, forgotten or left behind” ~ Louise Rose

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Cowboys With Chrome Horses

"Carrington's rare poetic talent along with love for America's roads gives motorcycling one of the first books that captures the incredible feelings of motorcycle riders.” ~ Mike Corbin, Corbin Saddles

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Give Me the Wind

"Mr. Carrington's poignant insight into the world of the open road and those who share his love of such freedom, invites, not only seasoned riders, but those who've never sat on a motorcycle, to experience, through his words, the exhilaration and brotherhood of his Iron Horse Clan.” ~ Donna Karakash, Wind&Wheels Magazine.

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Corbin Ideass & Risk A Life of Invention

"Mike Corbin is unique. He is a great innovator and promoter. He has been a great contributor to the motorcycle industry and a contributor to my life and success.” ~ Al Simmons - President - Mustang Motorcycle Seats

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Enjoy the works of this masterful writer who captures the spirit of Americans from all walks of life in the songs of heart-felt poetry describing the oftentimes overlooked and ignored nuances of living.