Brothers Of The Wind


I feel your presence,
oh ancient warrior.

As I cross this land of ours,
and feel the winds on my face.

I sense that you are with me and that,
we are brothers of the wind.

Seeing our land as I do now,
I can imagine how it appeared to you.

Leaving me breathless in wonder,
it must have at times done so for you as well.

Feelings such as this shared,
make us brothers of the wind.

Riding upon your steed of flesh and blood,
and I upon mine of iron & chrome.

We both experience this domain,
given to us by our creator.

  And together feel a special appreciation,
understandable only by brothers of the wind.

You are lucky one of older times,
to have traveled it in the beginning.

But I am lucky also,
to be traveling near the end.

For we have both loved this land of ours,
as brothers of the wind.

Alike we are oh ancient warrior,
not only in incidental ways.

For we both knew that we were caretakers,
not owners of this wonderful home.

And neither will have lived to see it gone,
but by grace allowed to share it for awhile,

 uniquely as brothers of the wind.

  Lad Carrington -7/16/1995

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