A Candle In The Window
When we parted you smiled and said
You'd always have the coffee on
And a candle in the window
I laughed and kissed your cheek
And with a good-bye hug and well wishes
Walked out of your life
Driving down the road of life
Which never circles back
I somehow lost my way home
Making my way through small towns
And even smaller hearts
I never paused to look in the mirror
Now and then though I go into my mind
And fondly remember times long past
Times of candles and kisses and coffee
Sometimes while driving along I dream
And look down side roads for a sign
A sign that might lead to a familiar place
Perhaps I have forever lost my way
Among the maze of highways and years
That swirl meaningless in my mind
But occasionally I think I sometimes see
A bright spot that flickers in the distance
Of time and memory and feelings
Never quite finding my way there
I keep peering throughout the night-like
Haze of past and longing
And I think I see a bright smile waiting
And I'm sure I can smell the fresh coffee
And I do see a candle burning in a window
Then I begin the process of realization
That the smile and coffee are only in my mind
And the candle is burning brightly
In the window of my heart
 William G. Carrington -- 11/18/1997 - From the book  A Candle In The Window

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