Captured In The Night



It is late and I sit here

Unable to sleep, I just sit and feel

Though tired beyond fatigue

I am wide awake and so I sit


Thoughts and feelings amble around my mind

Stumbling along directionless they collide

As if in a stupor they only mildly take notice

And like drunken ghosts, pass through one another


Each wisp of barely cognitive thought floats

Flowing effortlessly until solid contact's met

Then bounces off the wall of my mind

To float still more, shunted into a new tangent


Sitting here awake I am immobile

Existing at some halfway point in inner space

Happily, dreamily, looking inside me

To watch the dance going on in my head


Soon I am sure sleep will arrive

Quietly and unnoticed, taking control

And I will drift away inward

To join with the dancers I so vividly now watch


But for the moment I am possessed

Captured by the silken webs of senses

Surprised as I stumbled in the dark

Only to be snared by their spidery strands


I am held tightly by sensations long forgotten

That have baited their trap for me

With the electricity of gentle fingers touching my skin

And sweet kisses softly brushing my face


And the still faintly lingering fragrance of your perfume

That will not go away


William G. Carrington - 7/1/1998 - From the book A Candle In The Window

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