Reason To Breathe

Sometimes in every human life
The need is to believe
That someone else has given you
A reason just to breathe

The Search for meaning to exist
Makes mankind question most
The reasons why we need a mate
Someone who's heart is close

Humans as a rule it seems
Are coupled in their lairs
And people since we crawled from caves
Desire to live in pairs

Though some profess no ties to want
Alone to joust with fate
A claim to live in solitude
Without a need to mate

Methinks those words are fallow ground
A boast of empty air
Words taking flight on wings of fear
A pretense not to care

Afraid to try _ perchance to fail
If hearts are opened wide
A mask to make sure no one sees
The fear that hides inside

I've known that fear within my heart
So I made its door of rock
To ensure no one let out the pain
I was deaf to every knock

But someone stole their way within
And handled it with care
She lit one candle in the dark
Found the feelings hidden there

You dusted them off _ pressed them to your heart
And whispered pain is done
You said you'd hold my heart in yours
Our hearts would beat as one

You lit the way so I'd not fall
And gave me reason to believe
You've become the spark that drives my life
You're the reason that I breathe

William G. Carrington -- 10/24/2000

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