My Carolina Home
I've traveled many a mile in my life
And I'll travel many more
But I'll always return to the Old North State
Which lies on the Eastern Shore
I've searched all my life for America
And loved each new place that I'd find
I've found no better spot to show America's heart
Than the land of the Long Leaf Pine
See the majesty of the Rockies
Or the Cascades and Teton's great Dome
Then travel back East to give your eyes a real feast
In the Blue Ridge State I call my home
The vegetable fields in the Western US
Are wonderful and so's Midwest grain
But none is as sweet as God's own garden spot
Back East where I call my domain
She's been first in America's heritage
In freedom and fight when there's strife
She's a leader by far from first flight to the stars
And research for more quality to life
So I'll continue to travel America
And love each new place that I roam
But my heart will remain in my North State domain
Back East in my Carolina home
 William Carrington - 1/17/1997 - From the book One Heart Beyond Tomorrow

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