I Will Make You Pancakes

I will make you pancakes
And bring you coffee
And place a rose on your table
If you'll only stay the night

If you spend a week with me
We'll wine and dine and dance
And presents every day I'll bring you
And I'll tell you stories that make you laugh

I'll plant a flower garden just for you
With a center fountain in your honor
And daily birds will come and sing to you
If a year with me you'll spare

If with me for life you'll pledge
I'll make our journey an adventure
So our hearts will fly as high as clouds on a summer day
And we'll know joy others have only dreamed

But for now _ will you just stay the night
If you do I'll wake you gently
Then softly kiss the sleep from your eyes
And you will begin your morning with love

And I'll make you pancakes

William G. Carrington - 10/15/1997

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