I Brought You
Some Strawberries
From the book
Tomorrow's Promise 
And Other Poems

I wanted to give you something after our first meeting,

I thought of roses but they are much too serious,

Daisies came to mind but not everyone
likes daisies,

A card would have been nice
but I wouldn't know what it should say,

So I brought you some strawberries.

Meeting you was so special and
you seemed so sweet,

That I was mesmerized with the soothing sound of your voice and the music in your laughter,

The look in your eyes was communicating recognition even though no words of that nature were spoken,

All the while the softness of your touch as you held my hand was filling me with warmth,

And all I could think to give you were strawberries.

I could sense the freshness of Spring
renewed in the texture of your hair,

And the fragrance you were wearing hinted subtly
of the promise brought by Spring
to each new year,

The feelings dormant in my sub-conscious that this combination of sensations
provoked out of hiding
made my decision quite clear,

For only one thing is so bright and fresh and sweet enough to match the image left by our meeting,

So I brought you some strawberries.

William G.Carrington - 9/1995 

Seeing Through Candlelight
From the book
Tomorrow's Promise And Other Poems

Seeing through candlelight gives everything
a warm red glow.

Candlelight softens even the harshest edges and paints a look of sunset.

At our first chance meeting there were candles
and I could only look into your eyes.

Smiling and moist they were dark and knowing
and laughed along with your voice.

Through the soft glow of the candles,
I saw something special in those eyes.

That something, so subtle and so vibrant,
sparked something in me.

Over powered by the magic of the candlelight,
that special feeling began to grow.

Unaware of my fate, I was captured
and became your prisoner.

Happy to be there, I joyfully resigned myself
to the will of my jailer.

As the years have gone by, my prison
has become my refuge.

And now that we have grown older,
you tell me that you are worried.

Worried that a few lines or inches
brought about with the years
will make a difference.

You tell me that you are afraid these minor imperfections will make me
see you in a different light.

Well you needn't be concerned about
such a trivial matter as a few years.

That first night something happened to my eyes while looking through those candles.

An image burned into my vision
by those mesmerizing flickering flames.

I've always seen you through candlelight;
And darling I always will.

William G.Carrington - 10/31/94