"Carrington has a rare skill in our profession, narrative-teller.  
He has the ability to take the reader with him in appreciation of his reportorial odyssey."
~Chuck Stone, Columnist, 
United Media

"William G. Carrington is truly a historian of American culture and heritage.  He has tapped into a vein of history very personal to Americans – motorcycling.  Very little touches the soul of America like motorcycling, whether by experience or image.  Carrington has captured that essence." 
~ Robin EH Bagley, Editor, 
Sturgis Rally News

"Carrington’s interest, respect, and support for women in non-traditional roles, in particular the motorcycle industry, is invaluable and admirable. Cowboys With Chrome Horses is also an enjoyable look at biker perception vs. biker reality.  I recommend anyone take it to bed, on a lunch break, to a comfortable lawn chair or out to the garage for a leisurely and in-depth look at the world of motorcycling.”
~ Denise Brown, Editor, 
Bikes & Spikes Magazine

"The greatest gift of a poet is being able to touch the reader.  Leaving a lasting moment behind, William G. Carrington is such a poet.  Tomorrow’s Promise is filled with, moments from the heart, poetic words that will live in a place of certainty." ~A K English
(Writer Poet, Chicago, IL)

"I carry the poems in my car, to work, wherever I go.  When I get bummed out, I pick up the book and read something that inspires me.
~ Barbara Word (a reader)
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Pulitzer Prize Nominee
ISBN 1-888701-02-1 (paper)

A Historical Explanation Of America's Most Popular and Unique Phenomenon
by William G. 'Lad' Carrington

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“If I have to explain, you wouldn’t understand,” read countless tee-shirts and bumper stickers displayed by American motorcyclists.  Everyone who rides knows this spirit and feeling freedom may not themselves know why or where its roots are historically.  William R. Inge said, “On the whole, the happiest people seem to be those who have no particular cause for being happy, except that they are so.”

Bad boys on bad toys is an image too often assigned to those of us who choose to celebrate the freedom of individual spirit which, after all, was the basis on which this country was founded.  In most media this is the image presented, and this image of our world as shown to the public is specious.

Cowboys with Chrome Horses offers an explanation, historically centered in the desire for individual freedom, which goes back to the time period when America was discovered.  This concept was planted in the innermost part of the hearts of those early adventurers and grew into the fledgling United States and its new concept of people before government.  Bikers are the logical result of that concept.                                    ~ W. G. ‘Lad’ Carrington

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Other Poems

Pieces of One Man's Heart
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by Contemporary Poet
William G. 'Lad' Carrington

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