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"The most wonderful book…
I was so enthralled.  It was not until I had finished the very last page that I turned to the envelope to see who had cared so much about me to send it."

~ Susan Elizabeth Clark
(Artist, Asheville NC)

"Love is contagious.  Anyone who cares deeply for the spider who builds her web by the door creates creates a warm hug blanket around him that extends to the smiling faces and shining eyes of captivated wondering souls in his audience.  In our collective growing up we have left behind a lightness of heart and fearlessness of spirit we need so badly now. 

When did laughter become childish?  When did it become terribly grown-up to brood on hopelessness every moment?  To move forward, to become enlightened or evolved or generally a happier people, we need to recapture the essence of song.  Poetry should illuminate every shining dewdrop on her web in the spotlight of a thousand stars, each one reflected like a perfect note.  True, there are sad things in the world, but in making depression an art we’ve lost the Carringtonesque way of embracing everything we see with acceptance and our own warm hug blanket.  William Graham Carrington can only give us tomorrow, but perhaps that is the best gift anyone can give."

~ Kassi Pittman
(Poet and Author)


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